Cattle Hill Wind Farm

Cattle Hill Wind Farm is located on the eastern shore of Lake Echo in the southern side of the Central Plateau of Tasmania.

Approvals have been received from Council, State and Commonwealth Regulators for the construction and operation of 48 wind turbine generators and associated infrastructure.

Construction of the project is underway and the wind farm is aimed to become fully operational in late 2019.

Latest News:

Transportation of Oversize Turbine Components 

Approximately 528 loads of oversize turbine components will be transported from the Port of Bell Bay to the project site.

The route will follow the Bell Bay Road, East Tamar Highway, Midland Highway, Highlands Lakes Road, Waddamana Road and Bashan Road to the project site.

See here for general information about the deliveries and here for the indicative delivery schedule.

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments on the project.