Cattle Hill Wind Farm

Cattle Hill Wind Farm is located on the eastern shore of Lake Echo in the southern side of the Central Plateau of Tasmania.

Approvals have been received from Council, State and Commonwealth Regulators for the construction and operation of wind turbine generators and associated infrastructure.

The project will consist of 48 turbines, producing up to 150 MW of clean renewable electricity. Construction of the project is anticipated to commence in early 2018 and the wind farm is aimed to become fully operational in 2019.

Latest News:

Goldwind Appoints Tasmanian Company Gradco for Cattle Hill Wind Farm

Goldwind has appointed Launceston based company, Gradco, to undertake road upgrades to existing roads within the Central Highlands region of Tasmania to allow for the delivery of wind turbine components and associated equipment to the Cattle Hill Wind Farm site.

See full media release here.

For the fortnightly outlook on traffic impacts in the local area from these works please see here.

Local Information Centre Now Open

An Information Centre for the project is now open in Bothwell. Community members are invited to drop into the Information Centre to learn more about the project and chat with Janet. Janet’s role is Local Community Relations Officer for the wind farm during the project’s construction period. Janet can explain the project and wind energy in more detail, answer your questions and give you the latest update on the project’s progress.

Opening hours for the Information Centre:

  • Wednesday 9am-12noon
  • Thursday 1pm-4pm
  • Friday 9am- 4pm
  • Or by appointment

The Information Centre is located at Shop A, 16 Patrick Street, Bothwell (behind Bothwell Garage).

See full media release here.


Please contact us if you have any questions or comments on the project.