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Cattle Hill Wind Farm aims to regularly issues media releases to announce significant project activities and milestones. If you would like to join the media distribution list or make a media related enquiry please contact us.

Recent News

5 March 2019: Completion of Road Works In the Central Highlands Region 

Goldwind announced Gradco has completed $10 million of road upgrades to existing roads within the Central Highlands region of Tasmania.

Gradco, a Tasmanian company based in Launceston, was engaged by Goldwind in mid-2018 to undertake works to facilitate the delivery of wind turbine components and associated equipment to the Cattle Hill Wind Farm site.

See full media release here.

18 February 2019: Tasmanian company awarded $8 million contract to manufacture tower components for Cattle Hill Wind Farm

Goldwind announced it has appointed Haywards for a major tower supply contract for Cattle Hill Wind Farm. Twenty per cent of the tower components required for the 48 Goldwind turbines will be manufactured locally in Tasmania by the Haywards team in Launceston. This amount suits Haywards’s current capacity.

See full media release here.

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